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Infraline.com is India's premier web based information and research services in Indian Energy Sector (About us)

We encourage our members to recommend our website and services to their friends for whom our services can be useful. In return, as an acknowledgement for their efforts, the members shall be given 4-week free Daily Detailed Newsletter.

(Please send the names only of genuinely interested persons. Infraline shall verify the details and shall use its discretion in this regard)

The process is as simple as 1-2-3

Step - 1: Give us names of 7 persons (names, email ids, designation and organisation name) and your recommendation message. Please make sure that the recommended person should be related from Energy Sector.

Step -2: Please note that Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com, etc. email ids shall not be eligible. However, maximum two such ids can be accepted.

Step -3: On verification of email ids, you shall receive 4-week FREE Daily Detailed Newsletter and your recommended persons shall get 1-week FREE Daily Detailed Newsletter.

So just pick your Address Book, send us names of 7 persons and be eligible for FREE services from Infraline.com


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Dear ____

I came across Infraline.com sometime back and since then using their Free daily Newsletter.

I found Infraline a very focussed information and research services on Indian Oil and Gas sector and Power sector. They provide a daily Detailed Newsletter containing around 20-25 newsitems each on Power, Oil & Gas, Telecom and Transport which provides an excellent convenience of knowing the developments in our related sector.

Infraline also maintains India's most comprehensive database on Energy Sector (supposedly 5 GB each) providing complete library of latest information, analytical articles, research reports, etc. presented in a very systematic and well catalogued manner. Probably that is the reason that around 250 corporates (virtually who's who!!) today rely on their information for implementing their decision making process.

Website Name:     http://www.infraline.com/

Clients List:           http://www.infraline.com/clients/newclients.htm

Power Sector Database: http://power.infraline.com/

Oil and Gas Sector Database: http://oilandgas.infraline.com/

Updates done in Power / Oil and Gas Sector Database: http://www.infraline.com/whatsnewcollection.asp

Brochure of Contents: http://www.infraline.com/ContentBrochure.pdf

Natural Gas Reference Book:: http://naturalgas.infraline.com/

Exploration and Production Reference Book: http://eandpbook.infraline.com/

I thought of taking this opportunity to recommend this site to you since you are connected with Energy Sector.

Infraline would send you a sample Detailed Newsletter for next 7 days. In case you want to access their trial subscription, you may want to request them at support@infraline.com (+91 11 4625 0000 /+91 11 4625 0001 )

Please let me know how you found this site.

With regards


Infraline Team

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