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Infraline.com : India's Premier Information and Research Services on Indian Oil, Gas, and Power Sectors

Why Online Advertisement?

Achieving communication objectives by traditional advertising mediums can be frustrating and expensive. Some mediums lack the ability to target a specific audience, while others restrict the advertising message to a static and unresponsive format. The development of Internet has resulted in a new form of communication, which combines the efficiencies of traditional mediums. Infraline.com, a leading provider of news and information resources, has achieved phenomenal success in attracting hundreds of thousands of infrastructure developers and Government decision makers to its site by creating an information portal that provides access to hard to find data information resources and market development data. Why Infraline? Infraline.com is the ideal way for advertisers to reach a very targeted group of pre-qualified energy professionals and govt. officials. Create a Window for your Products on Infraline.com and expand your business opportunities. Infraline.com attracts and retains consummate, affluent and potential energy investors and developers.

Reach your targeted audience in Indian Oil, Gas and Power Sectors

Since 1998, Infraline Research and Information Services is helping the energy sector professionals in meeting their business information and research requirements. Today, Infraline reaches over 8000 professionals through website and 11,700 professionals through newsletter everyday, registers 65,000 page views and 4 million hits every week. Infraline's enormous 20 GB data features 4,078,200 pages of industry sector specific information and with up to 250 pages getting uploaded in a single day.


At Infraline, we provide an entire spectrum of services including the Oil, Gas and Power industry's news, analysis, conferences, research and consulting requirements over a very wide range of issues.

Product Offerings

Infraline provides the following services to its clients:

  1. Online newsletter on Indian power, oil & gas, telecom and transport sectors

  2. Web-based comprehensive database on power, oil & gas and telecom sectors

  3. Client specific customized research

  4. Demand and supply projections and forecasting

  5. Sectoral, industrial, legal, financial and company analysis

  6. Policy research and analysis and due diligence

  7. Primary research and surveys

  8. Organizing events and seminars


Infraline is currently servicing over 352 premium corporates in India and abroad.

Infraline's client pool includes the entire gamut of Developers, Management Consultants, Legal Consultants, Financial Institutions, Research Firms, Embassies, Education Institutions and others in India and abroad. It enjoys continuous patronage of its clients year after year. Some of its valued clients include:

  1. Global energy majors like ExxonMobil, Total, Shell, British Petroleum, BP International

  2. Global consulting and banking majors like AT Kearney, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, BNP Paribas, Citibank, GE Capital, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, N M Rothschild

  3. Indian Corporates like Reliance Group, Tata Group, GAIL, Adani Group, Essar Group, OIL, IOC, GAIL, ONGC and many research and educational institutions and technical professionals across India and the world.


  4. [for detailed client list, please click here]



Daily Mailers

Each day (Monday through Saturday) we send 10,200 e-mail alerts to our registered users plus premium subscribers. These mails are an essential component of our clients decision making process. The contents of our services are relied, trusted and extensively quoted. 

Advertisement Plans

So join Infraline.com to Build Brand Awareness, Communicate Product features and Benefits , Alert Visitors to Investment and Development Opportunities, Reach to your Target Audience through Fastest growing communication channel.

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Tariff: Please Email to yogesh@infraline.com for customized tariff quotes

General: +91-11-4625 0000
Subscription: +91-11-4625 0001
Accounts: +91-11-4625 0001
Marketing: +91-11-4625 0009
Conferences: +91-11-4625 0011
Technical: +91-11-4625 0044
Fax: +91-11-4625 0099


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