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Infraline Advantage: Infraline’s dedicated team of professionals provides operational, research and advisory services with their extensive industry experience to meet diverse client needs. 

1.     Comprehensive collection of industry and India specific data:  Infraline is India’s leading integrated information and research company providing a comprehensive repository of industry specific data for India. Developed over 7 years through longstanding relationships with its private and public sources, the company uses internet as the delivery model for providing real-time update on these data. Infraline converts data into understanding, and understanding into value for its client’s businesses through its industry knowledge and analytical skills. Infraline’s data, the raw materials for its client’s decisions-making process, is broader, deeper, more refined than any other sources combined. The technologies used are tuned to distill the greatest value from both industry and proprietary data.

2.     Strong Relationship with clients: Over time, Infraline's Client Relationship Analysts have developed strong relationship by understanding client requirements and by providing high quality information in a structured manner, enabling efficient strategic decision making. The client's confidence speak for  Infraline’s reliable and relevant information feed. This creates a strong demand for Infraline’s services as well as maintain convincing  relationships with its clients which is reflected in the excellent client retention (99%). This, in turn, provides greater opportunity for Infraline to do targeted customer mining. The clients exploit Infraline as a single-stop information  and customized research provider that facilitate client's strategy formulation and decision making thereby driving growth and productivity.

3.     Experienced and High Quality Human Resources: Infraline has a dedicated and productive team with business intelligence as well as functional consultants with deep domain knowledge. Consultants have wide experience in Infraline’s Industry defining methodology. Consultant’s pedigrees reflect, on average, five to six years of relevant functional experience in the energy, telecom and infrastructure sectors. Similar to the traditional model, senior managerial staff and the management are responsible for Infraline’s revenue and business development. Infraline’s President and CEO, and Infraline’s senior managers have been adept at building and leveraging an informal network of executives and third party information providers. These contacts are a proven source of lucrative projects and influential endorsement references for prospective clients. Decision-makers recognize Infraline’s team as a trusted partner and authority on the dynamics and complexities of the energy and telecom business process and business intelligence provider.

4.     Powerful Online community of Energy Professionals: Infraline has taken headway in creating a powerful online community of energy professionals in India. This gives Infraline a high brand recall and a powerful platform to cross-sell its varied services to a specific target segment. It also enables Infraline to maintain customer contact at multiple points thereby significantly improving Infraline's brand recall across the target market and the opportunity to cross sell its varied services.



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